MUlti-Slice/Tenant/Service (MUSTS)

This demonstrator aims at exercising the following features of NECOS: slice creation, slice decommission, slice monitoring, service deployment, service update, VIM heterogeneity, and elasticity upgrade (both vertical and horizontal). The demonstrator uses two slices and two different services


Marketplace (MARK)

This demonstrator is to show that the marketplace concept introduced in NECOS as a dynamic resource discovery mechanism that can cope with slices of significant size and multiple geographically distributed resource providers

Experiments with Large-scale Lightweight Service Slices (ELSA)

This demonstrator is to show the deployment of end-to-end Slices that will be used by a Tenant in order to host services consisting of a very large number of lightweight elements (i.e., Virtual Network Functions – VNFs and vLinks) deployed at the Edge of the infrastructure


Machine-learning based orchestration of slices (MLO)

The objective of this demonstrator is to show how machine learning algorithms have been used for the monitoring and orchestration of cloud-network slices in NECOS


Wireless Slicing Services (WISE)

The Wireless Slicing sErvices (WISE) demonstrator shows the NECOS LSDC capabilities in expanding the cloud-network slinging concept towards wireless network domains